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Terms and Conditions

Payment and Deposits
1.  Any standard items purchased in full either via this web site or upon collection will not require a deposit. Larger orders for parties, functions, weddings or special order items will require a 30% deposit of the full order amount. We can provide a written quotation if you wish which you can take away to think about or use to book with us immediately.  Please note that for custom orders we do not take credit cards, payment must be by cash or cheque only. 

2.  Payment of the booking deposit guarantees a time slot in our baking schedule and is therefore non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

3.  The remaining 70% of the full amount must be paid at least a week prior to the event date.

4.  For special orders, it is possible to discuss your requirements over the telephone or by email, however this may lead to ambiguity of the specification.  To avoid this, please provide as much detail as possible to help us understand your needs and use website references and photographs of designs you favour as helpful indicators if you are unable to visit us in person.

5. Four weeks notice is required for special orders please.

Confirmed bookings or web purchases will not be affected by price increases. We do however reserve the right to increase our product prices, to allow for any significant rises in production costs.  However, we do make every attempt to avoid this.

We reserve the right to withdraw products, packages or special offers at certain times. 
Confirmed bookings will not be affected by these withdrawals.

1.  We operate a delivery service within the local Derby Metropolitan area.

2.  Delivery to locations outside of this area is at our discretion, based upon available resources.  Charges for this service are on a per order basis upon application, so please ask us for details.

3. If no one is available to receive the delivery at the designated address, we will return the order to our bakery and keep your order for 24 hours to allow you time to collect the order if you wish.  If you need us to redeliver the order within this time period, a second delivery charge will be made.  After 24 hours of the first failed delivery, the cakes will be past their best and the order will be disposed of.

4.  Upon delivery of the order, we are no longer responsible for the condition of the products.

5.  We cannot accept responsibility for orders collected and delivered by a third party courier arranged by the customer.

1.  When placing your order for collection, we will need to arrange a suitable time.  We will try and do this at a convenient time to suit the customer, but cannot guarantee that this will always be at your chosen time. Additional orders made after your initial order are slotted into our baking schedule and therefore cannot be guaranteed to be delivered at the same time.  To avoid disappointment, please arrive at the agreed collection time and no earlier, because your order might not be ready.

2.  If you are unable to collect your order at the agreed collection time, we will keep your order for 24 hours to allow you additional time to collect.  After this time, the cakes will be past their best and the order will be disposed of.  No refunds will be made under these conditions.

3.  Upon collection of the order by the customer, we are no longer responsible for the condition of the products.

4.  When transporting, Cakes should be placed on a flat service in your vehicle, such as a car foot-well or boot. Better still, arrange to bring a friend to hold the products during travel. Secure the boxes at the sides to ensure they don’t move around.  Drive carefully. Our presentation boxes are supplied with inserts to hold the cupcakes but they don’t enjoy rough rides or rallying.

1. Provided our products are stored correctly, they are at their best on the day of baking, taste just as good a day or so after, but beyond day three become past their best.

2.  Keep the cupcakes in the box in which they were collected or delivered, until they are required.  We supply our cakes in specialist boxes, so these are the best place for them to stay.

3.  Keep the box in a dry cool place but not the fridge an the cold air will dry the cakes out and affect their texture.

1.  Nuts are used in some Cakeorium produce, therefore we cannot guarantee that other products are free from nuts.

Cancellations or amendments 
1. It is not possible to amend or cancel orders made via our web site, but in emergencies, please contact us – we are very reasonable and friendly people!

2.  If you need to cancel or amend a special order following confirmation and deposit payment, please note that cakes are baked on the day for freshness and any decorations made during the week before an event - the more intricate these are, the earlier they are made.  By providing as much warning as possible, we can ensure minimal wastage.

3.  We are more than happy to increase order quantities in the days leading up to your event, if we have the baking time available.

Returns and complaints
1.  We work very hard to ensure that your order is supplied to your requirements, if however you find that any product does not match the specification, please let us know immediately.  Call us stating the event name and the area of concern.  We will work with you to overcome any problems.

2.  We cannot accept a complaint regarding any of our products beyond 24 hours after delivery or collection.

3.  We cannot accept a complaint regarding one of our products, if no specific evidence of the complaint is provided within 24 hours following delivery or collection. Please either arrange to return the product to us or take photographs as evidence.

Stand hire
1.  We have a selection of stands for hire, please see the stand hire section for details.

2.  The hire charge is payable up front and is non-refundable. A hire deposit is also taken at the time, a refundable amount returned to the customer upon return of a full, undamaged stand.  We ask for a deposit to cover the full value of the stand. This protects us in case of: 

  • damage
  • missing parts
  • the stand is not returned within the agreed timeframe
  • the stand is never returned.

3.  It is the customer's responsibility to return the stand to us in the condition in which it was hired.

4.  We ask that the hired stand to be returned within 3 days following your event.

Changes to our T&C's
1.  Our business is changing continually, and as such, we reserve the right to update our Terms and Conditions at any time to suit.